Supergirl 6×06 “Prom Again!” Recap

I know CW would want to make sure I got their branding in this screengrab

At the beginning of this episode, the heroes seem to have everything on track. Brainiac and Dreamer have figured out a way to correct the space-time continuum, and announce their plans to leave Midvale. Kara thanks Dreamer and says it was nice not being the only alien in town as Kenny looks on, undoubtedly realizing EVERYTHING Kara does screams gay.

But then the blue aliens (discount Gaston & Nightcrawler) find Kara’s school and demand the Kryptonian turn themselves in, unleashing some Kryptonite in the process which weakens Kara. Kenny pretends to be the Kryptonian so they take him instead, and Dreamer and Brainiac knock Kara out when she tries to turn herself in because they need to make sure Supergirl doesn’t get herself killed in this new timeline.

Unfortunately, they muck up that timeline so much they decide they need to time travel again to a few hours earlier before Cat Grant gets kidnapped by the aliens. Kara sneaks on their time machine and follows them – creating two versions each of Kara, Brainiac, and Dreamer.

They manage to get Kara to follow their plan and figure everything out. Kara also breaks up with Kenny “because she needs to make more choices and figure out who she is.”

Well basically they break up with one another

Honestly this two part flashback wasn’t nearly as much of a time suck as I thought it was going to be. I really liked the focus on Brainiac and Dreamer as I really like their characters.

I just want Supergirl to be out of the damn Phantom Zone at this point.

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