Supergirl 6×05 “Prom Night!” Recap

The Superfriends need more of Kara’s DNA to have a phantom track her in the Phantom Zone. Lena does not reveal that she probably has loads of it at her apartment, so instead they decide they need to time travel to when Kara blew her powers out in high school because something something this causes her DNA to be readily available. I really don’t understand why they can’t find strands of hair at her apartment…or literally anything but this plan. Oh well.

In a sad attempt to prove how aggressively heterosexual Kara is…

…apparently this time travel will involve seeing her high school boyfriend Kenny. Biscuit is still blissfully nowhere to be found. Alex also mentions that although Kenny died in the previous timeline prior to the crisis…

…he is alive still in this new timeline? Am I sensing a potential love triangle that DOES NOT involve Kara, Lena, and Dreamer or Alex?

Brainiac and Dreamer time travel and accidently interact with Kara, Alex, and Kenny pretty much right away. They pretend to be aliens who are “stranded” on earth. Kara feels a sense of kinship with them, and offers to work with them to help.

Also, props to CW for the uncanny casting they did for young Kara & Alex. The actresses look like dead ringers for the characters.

Made for TV Nightcrawler talks to another blue alien about “something something the Kryptonian” so they are presumably going to attack teenage Kara.

Meanwhile Kara and Dreamer have a sleepover that looks like Kara has a huge crush on Dreamer.

“Hey! Want to see my locket?”

And leads to an…interesting exchange.

I mean am I the only one with my mind in the gutter about the way this scene comes across?

A young Cat Grant somehow assumes Alex is a professor and tries to interview her about strange goings on. I know Alex has an employee lanyard on but come. on.

Meanwhile, the Superfriends tinker with the past enough to change the space-time continuum which…of course they did? They went back to the past and started tinkering with it, yet seem shocked by their actions creating differences in what happened.

The episode ends with Brainiac and Dreamer being caught by the the blue aliens.

This episode really kept characters to a minimum, thankfully sparing us from J’onn growling “no!” at a plan suggestion or Alex having a free therapy session with Kelly. Admittedly, this is one of my favorites of the new season.

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