About This Blog

This blog is a place to read about horror films, TV shows, and LGBTQ content I like enough to discuss or recommend (very occasionally it is a place for me to rant about something I really didn’t like).

Watching horror films is like chasing a high for me. Most of the time the bar is set low, and most films don’t exceed the bar or they are just okay. But part of the thrill – the hit – of watching horror films is when I find that rare film that really blows me away. My hope for this blog is to highlight those rare films that really impress me, and give you some information to decide if it would be up your alley as well. Whether you are another fan or just a casual viewer, I hope this can provide some ideas for your next scary movie night.

I love this genre, and not in the “yeah I love watching people get slaughtered!” way but more like the “wow this person is being tested an an incredibly shocking way. Will they pull through?” way. Horror films have a lot to teach us about empathy, perseverance, and confronting the worst parts of our life head on. This blog is a place to celebrate all the positive aspects of horror while still examining the negative.

Why the name “A Huffle of Horror”?

Huffle is defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary as a gust which is typically known as a surge of wind but can also be defined as a sudden outburst or surge. Interestingly, an obsolete meaning of gust also includes the sensation of taste or inclination/liking or keen delight.

So that is how I see this blog now. Also, I get that huffle is obscure and most people aren’t going to read this far or get it, but I like that is still catchy and unique. It sounds like it could mean a bit or ruckus of horror and I like that too.