Blog Updates

I wanted to share some updates on the blog and scheduling. Obviously, I haven’t been posting consistently as I have in the past. Going back to a more intense, pre-pandemic schedule outside of blogging definitely contributed to my drop off, but I’ve also been struggling with motivation and drive.

So instead of promising a post every week, I’m going to post more when the mood strikes instead. In other words, quality/ passion over quantity/obligation.

I have zero intention of abandoning my blog, but I want to at least try and explore getting published on sites other than my own. After contributing an article to Gayly Dreadful’s annual Pride fundraiser, I realized how much I missed the thrill of validation that comes with having someone else, even in a small way, validate my writing.

Nevertheless, I still have some things in the works including:

  • My recaps/rankings of the Jaws series
  • More gushing about the Fear Street trilogy
  • Some long languishing drafts including on something I’m calling “customer service horror”
  • Maybe a favorite Christmas horror roundup??

Thanks to everyone who reads my thoughts, it means so much to me. I’m looking forward to continuing to analyze horror movies I enjoy…just at a more leisurely pace.

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