Supergirl 6×04 “Lost Souls” Recap

Wow are there really that many episodes to catch up on? Oh boy okay.

The Superfriends are basically using something a proton pack Lena created to ghostbust the vampire-like phantoms that keep infecting people. AJ’onn mentions the phantoms will cause a global pandemic of infections if they don’t stop them! Supergirl is nothing if not on the nose.

Meanwhile Kara, her dad (allegedly), and their quirky new magic friend continue to find a way out of the Phantom Zone. Her dad mysteriously hurts his ankle. We are treated to thrilling dialogue where they explain someone with a broken ankle can’t walk around on it without help and Kara’s dad is basically like:

Dreamer realizes that there’s something important at the high school Kara and Alex went to so we can setup some flashback episodes. Because why not run down the clock with flashback episodes in your final season instead of making Supercorp a thing.

Also are we to seriously believe Alex paints on eyeliner and braids part of her hair every time she gets into her hero costume, only to remove it when she switches clothes?

Kara’s quirky magic friend is indeed manipulating Kara and was the one that injured her father.

The Superfriends use a glowstick to locate more phantoms to imprison. They manage to restore the souls of the people who became phantoms, fortunately avoiding any global pandemics they may have caused. Thank goodness!

Alex and Lena bond over their love of Kara. I’m starting to think the writers’ season this strategy to avoid Supercorp shipping is just to literally avoid having them interact.

Once again, the show seems to have forgotten Kara’s boyfriend Biscuit exists. Dare I hope this will continue?

On to the next episode!

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