Supergirl 6×03 “Phantom Menace” Recap

I love this silly, stupid, heartfelt show so much I’ve decided to recap the most outlandish parts of each episode as I watch the final season. I realize this is not horror related but the beauty of having a vanity press is writing about random stuff like Supergirl. 

At the start of this episode, the Superfriends have realized a phantom is wandering around the earth thanks to their portal, and meanwhile Kara finds even more people in the Phantom Zone? Like how many random people must we meet before the Superfriends inevitably rescue her?

Also Brainy almost punches a TV because he is just as sick of Lex Luthor being the main villain as I am.

Lex is upset Lena has locked him out of all of their family company’s assets and Lena is just like

The Superfriends have let their new gay vampire friend accidently get infected and temporarily warped into a phantom? I don’t even know, but they realize they have to track the phantom they let loose so he doesn’t make even more buddies.

Lex sets fire to the children’s wing of a hospital to turn public opinion against Lena in retaliation for her locking him out of the company.

Kara’s maybe sketchy but maybe misunderstood Phantom Zone friend regains her ability to use magic, and heals Kara’s injured leg in order to go visit Kara’s father who got kidnapped by BANDITS in the Phantom Zone.

Meanwhile, Lena confesses to Brainy she wishes she could kill Lex (…again…) and Brainy is like “let’s do it!” and she is like “no we can’t because it’s wrong” (…but is it really?).

I do like that she addresses her advice to Brainy seasons ago about packing emotions in boxes, and acknowledges it isn’t really possible because it eventually eats you up. That is solid, evolved follow up advice and I’m proud of the show for giving it.

J’onn is upset M’gann got phantomed, but Alex convinces him to not give up hope. She then puts on her Assassin’s Creed cosplay armor to battle all the other phantoms.

Kelly frantically taps on an iPad and Lena frantically taps on a computer keyboard.

M’gann is of course okay.

Alex asks Kelly to move into her, giving the same speech about life being too short and needing to share everything we can with the people we love that I’m positive she has given before. Kelly says yes because lesbians love moving in too quickly together and it will be easier to administer free therapy to Alex this way.

Meanwhile, Kara and her quirky new magic friend free her dad and the dad and quirky friend are looking at each other with skepticism so something is definitely up there. I hope the quirky new friend is cool though 😦

The three of them decide to work together to escape the Phantom Zone.

No Biscuits were featured in the making of this episode. Hopefully the show forgot about him.

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