Supergirl 6×02 “A Few Good Women” Recap

I love this silly, stupid, heartfelt show so much I’ve decided to recap the most outlandish parts of each episode as I watch the final season. I realize this is not horror related but the beauty of having a vanity press is writing about random stuff like Supergirl. 

This episode start with the Superfriends essentially kidnapping a gay vampire* to help them find the Phantom Zone so it is already off to a good start.

*technically an alien from the planet Transilvane but who cares?

Andrea wants CatCo magazine to focus on Lex Luthor’s upcoming trial. Biscuit is just Biscuiting like usual.

Lex Luthor is still a thing on this show, and while once again I love Jon Cryer’s performance, why of why are we still focused on this one villain? Especially when it seems inevitable he will carryover to the new Superman & Lois show because the world is a stupid, unjust place.

Meanwhile Kara seemingly finds her father alive in the Phantom Zone, and once again I ask, did ANYONE actually die on Krypton when it exploded?

Andrea invites Lena over for some gal pal time, but isn’t a very good journalist and therefore does not get Lena to admit once and for all she is in love with Kara.


During Lex’s trail where of course he is representing himself, he accuses his former co-conspirator Eve Teschmacher while she is on the witness stand of setting him up, and starts arguing this theory to the jury which I’m pretty sure is not a thing. And he then says the murder charges were dropped before the case is over which is definitely not a thing because the prosecutor then brings Lena to the witness stand?!

Lena manages to make Lex lose his cool, and he tells the jury that he DIDN’T do it but IF HE HAD could you really blame him? Which is definitely a very sane thing to argue. Biscuit is really happy because he thinks Lex has made himself look too bananas not to be convicted.

The Superfriends & their new gay vampire buddy accidently let phantoms in through the portal they’ve created, and mind fight the phantoms while gay vampire mashes buttons on an iPad.

Lex is find not guilty on all charges. Biscuit is upset.

Andrea asks Biscuit to cook up her next “Lexpose” and yes she really says that.

Alex and Kelly have a moment that is supposed to be nice, but honestly I’m still not really feeling this relationship. It feels like Kelly is more of a therapist to Alex than a partner. I feel like Kelly deserves better than what the show is giving her. Also super unpopular opinion (probably): my non-canon ship is Alex and Sam/Reign. I think they would have been perfect together and Sam could have easily been queer. Just think about it.

Anyway that’s it for the Supergirl recap! I know I’m a week late so hopefully I missed Lena and Kara finally reuniting in the Phantom Zone to confess their love for one another in last week’s episode.

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