Supergirl 6×01 “Rebirth” Recap

I love this silly, stupid, heartfelt show so much I’ve decided to recap the most outlandish parts of each episode as I watch the final season. I realize this is not horror related but the beauty of having a vanity press is writing about random stuff like Supergirl.

First off, some truth off my chest. In a perfect world, Supergirl/Kara Danvers and Lena Luthor would be together. The show is ending anyway and their chemistry is off the chain. One day, I hope that we as a society can have a showrunner/writers/producers say “hey! These two people have unexpectedly amazing romantic chemistry. We are just going to make them queer and call it a day.”

But until that day comes, how can ANYONE watch the first 30 seconds of this video and not think they are going to end up together?

Just admit you kept watching after that first scene didn’t you?

I know part of my excitement this season is just the hope the show will go for broke and put them together or at least leave the door open. Even if reality tells me Kara will dump her current beau (Biscuit as I like to call him to reflect his personality) and end up reuniting with Mon-El and joining the Legion. At least that would explain why she wouldn’t make any appearances going forward on Superman and Lois.

Supergirl 6×01 “Rebirth”

This episode wastes no time quickly trying to wrap up the COVID-induced cliffhanger from the previous season. Leviathan (a group of evil gods I guess? Listen it’s been a year and it’s been a pandemic) have been bested by the Superfriends. But Lex Luthor (yes this show is obsessed with adding characters from Superman) is going to absorb their god powers to make himself immortal and then use a ubiquitous VR technology to make everyone in the world love him.

But first the god gets turned into a mix of the Terminator crossed with the electricity gremlin from Gremlins 2: The New Batch in what I presume is the entire CGI budget for the sixth season:

So glad they gave her boobs and an impossible hourglass figure.

The heroes figure out what Lex is up to, and meanwhile Alex inexplicably has a bright blue braid in her hair now like she is going through her edgy teen phase but in her late 20s:

Kelly Olsen (yes she is James Olsen’s sister!) looks like me waiting for the show to put Supergirl and Lena together.

Andrea Rojas, the CEO of the VR tech company, puts on her “bad girl shadow” suit in order to sit at a computer and buy her dad so many stocks from her failing company that it becomes his failure.

I’m sure that won’t look suspicious at all since her dad literally denounced her bad decision making on television the day before. Stonks!

Martian Manhunter and…friend? I honestly forgot about this character?

Martian Manhunter and friend M’gann M’orzz pray the VR satellites away using Martian mind force so Lex can’t brainwash everybody.

Meanwhile, Lex Luthor poisons Supergirl with kryptonite in the Fortress of Solitude, nearly killing her.

Then there’s a montage of Lex goofing around with the weapons in the Fortress set to “We Are the Champions” because why not?

Nevermind on the CGI budget I made fun of earlier – I’m guessing the rights to using this song is where the show’s budget went

Supergirl and the Superfriends team up against Lex, but before they can use their new de-goding gun on him Lex sends Supergirl to the Phantom Zone using a projector?! The Superfriends do get the de-goding gun working and arrest Lex, but without the coordinates to the Phantom Zone Supergirl is loooosttt in spaccceeee.

Her friends cover for her at work by saying she’s working on a top secret project with her former journalism mentor Cat Grant. Oh yeah her boyfriend Biscuit exists.

Biscuit is distraught to know Kara left town without calling him.

Supergirl’s sister Alex is adamant the Superfriends work hard to find her soon, and Martian Manhunter suggests Alex take on the mantle of Sentinel as her superhero alias. He tells her the world is going to need them till they find Supergirl again.

Meanwhile Supergirl wakes up surrounded by SPOOKY phantoms in the SPOOKY Phantom Zone who look like a cross of Nosferatu and the crawlers from The Descent.


“Technology can’t kill me…but it CAN KILL YOU!”

A Leviathan God yelling before being killed by technology & having her powers absorbed by Lex Luthor

Dreamer…what’d you dream!?

Supergirl reminding us about Dreamer’s name and power

Good Bits

  • As annoying as Lex is, I love Jon Cryer’s performance. His delivery of the line “now that’s just embarrassing” when Dreamer’s de-goding gun jams is priceless
  • I truly do hope we get another villain instead of Lex Luthor this season
  • Love some Nia Nal/Dreamer. It will probably be a long time till we see another trans superhero on the the big or small screen

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