5 Best Christmas Horror Movies You Can Stream Right Now

Confession: I haven’t seen a lot of Christmas horror movies. So my top five are basically most of the ones I’ve seen. While I work on rectifying that, I wanted to take a peek and see what movies are freely available online to watch with the highest IMDb ratings. So if you too are looking for some quality holiday scares, here are some of the best with links to where you can watch them:

Black Christmas (1974)

IMDb: 7.2. Ironically despite being the most well known Christmas horror movie, this really doesn’t rely heavily on Christmas aesthetics. Instead it uses Christmas as an excuse to have a nearly empty sorority house for an unseen killer to terrorize. A great study in creating tension with a shockingly progressive feminist narrative to boot.

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

IMDb: 6.7. This fun little film explores what happens when a greedy American company unleashes a dark version of Santa and it is up to one young boy to stop him. Fun, not too scary, and with a sense of humor and charm. Not to mention the creepiest elves I have ever seen.

Dead End

IMDb: 6.6. I have not seen this film, but I’m adding it to my own list given its high IMDb rating. This follows a family traveling for Christmas who end up making a wrong turn.

Better Watch Out

IMDb: 6.5. A horror version of Home Alone with some interesting (and polarizing) commentary on toxic masculinity. Much like Krampus and maybe Anna and the Apocalypse, this seems destined to be an instant Christmas horror classic.

The Children

IMDb: 6.0. A family goes on holiday only for the children to get infected with a virus that causes them to murder adults. This packs some impressively disturbing violence and subject matter.

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