Coming Soon! Horrorathon for the Mothers/Men Against Senseless Killings Foundation

I have really enjoyed visiting some not-well-known sequels to well-known horror films, and decided to combine that with a good cause.

Over on Facebook, I launched a Fundraiser for Mothers/Men Against Senseless Killings (aka MASK).

For every $5 donated to the local Chicago organization Mothers/Men Against Senseless Killings (aka MASK), I have pledged to watch and recap an Amityville Horror movie on my blog for a total of 10 (!) movies.


MASK was established in 2015 and works to build stronger communities through a focus on violence prevention, food insecurity, and housing. I have been following them for a couple years, and I love their simple yet effective grassroots strategies. Learn more here:

Why Amityville Horror?

Because out of many horror film franchises that have at least 10 entries, this one is so bad all but one is available for free online.

Why Are There So Many Amityville Horror Movies?

It turns out, many aspects of the Amityville story including the town’s name, the house’s appearance & address, the alleged Lutz haunting, and obviously the original DeFeo murders are all considered true, historical events. Thus, the basis of the films cannot be copyrighted.

What Happens After $50 of Donations?

If I get more than $50 in donations, I will watch and recap the Hellraiser series for every $5 donated thereafter.

I will also match $100 worth of donations.

Why Are There So Many Hellraiser Movies?

Because of desire to retain the rights to the films, the studio has to churn out a sequel every couple years to retain the rights. This often involves sprinkle chefing Cenobites into scripts that were not written to be Hellraiser movies.

What Does This Mean for Hufflepuff Horror?

The $100 goal has been met, so this blog will be dedicated to these franchises for a while! These will likely take me through the end of September where I will switch over to #31HorrorFilms31Days coverage.

Isn’t It Kind of Ironic to Raise Awareness for an Organization Against Senseless Killings by Marathoning Movies Revolving Around Senseless Killings?

Yeah probably.

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