Why You Should Watch: What Keeps You Alive

What Keeps You Alive (2018) - IMDb

In honor of what would have been the Chicago Pride Parade this weekend, I wanted to highlight a under the radar queer horror film I really enjoyed. I covered this movie with spoilers in my 2019 #31HorrorFilms31Days recap, but here’s all you should know about this movie going into it:

To celebrate their one year wedding anniversary, two women travel to a remote cabin together.

That is really all you should know going into this film in order for it to have maximum impact. Well, and one more thing – going to a remote cabin together was exactly what my wife and I did for our one year wedding anniversary. I waited till we both made it back alive to watch this movie.

I was very skeptical going into a film focused on a same sex female couple written, directed, and produced by one man. My bullshit meter was already tingling, ready for tired tropes at best and outright homophobia at worst. Therefore I was pleasantly surprised when this avoided all of that and focused on being a psychological horror thriller that just happened to be about two women.

It has a decent amount of turns and probably an excessive amount of moments when you think you have hit the ending and something else happens, but it keeps you engaged throughout while you are left to wonder “what would I do if this happened?” Also it has the proverbial unexpected knock at the door in the middle of nowhere at night which gets me EVERY time. Hannah Emily Anderson acting as one of the leads is phenomenal. It also flips a particular horror trope on its head in a way that I do not think I’ve seen before, and it made appreciate the ending even more because of it.

I will say there are a couple very frustrating moments in this movie that will test your patience, but I think they are worth it for the ride.

This would be a good one to watch alone or, if you dare, a date or significant other.

Unless you are a queer woman – in that case get some mixed drinks going and watch it with friends.

For another queer lady horror film I’d suggest watching in honor of Pride checkout Why You Should Watch: Hostel: Part II. I also talk at length about lesbian representation in horror films in Lesbian Representation in Modern Horror Films: The Good, The Bad, and the High Tension.

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Happy Pride everyone!

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